Anyone who sprays or prepares S7 chemicals (i.e. Sprayseed )  in SA needs to hold a  Chemical Accreditation . ChemCert aims to provide chemical users with the knowledge and skills to achieve established national industry competencies thus ensuring these products are used safely, accurately and efficiently


Competencies achieved

  • Level 3 – AHCCHM303 – Prepare and apply chemicals
  • Level 3 – AHCCHM304 – Transport, handle and store chemicals
  • The course is assessed at AQF Level 3.

The program length is two days for full accreditation (Cost $320) and half day for re-accreditation (Cost $260). Costs include the ChemCert manual and accreditation card



  • Tuesday and Wednesday 21st and 22nd March

  • Thursday and Friday 15th and 16th June

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 20th and 21st June

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 5th and 6th September

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 28th and 29th November


  • Thursday 23rd March

  • Friday 24th March

  • Thursday 22nd June

  • Friday 23rd June

  • Friday 28th July

  • Thursday 7th September

  • Friday 8th September

  • Thursday 30th November

  • Friday 1st December


All above courses are now held at PIRSA Complex , 1801 Bookpurnong Road Loxton (apart from July 28th )

We can come to you if sufficient numbers can be guaranteed. Please contact our office.

Accreditation is only issued on satisfactory completion of all assessment items. Each student receives a plastic Accreditation card that is individually numbered and is valid for five years. The re-accreditation course required is a half day course. People who are significantly ‘out of date’ need to redo the full course.