Anyone who sprays or prepares S7 chemicals (i.e. Sprayseed )  in SA needs to hold a  Chemical Accreditation . ChemCert aims to provide chemical users with the knowledge and skills to achieve established national industry competencies thus ensuring these products are used safely, accurately and efficiently


Competencies achieved

  • Level 3 – AHCCHM303 – Prepare and apply chemicals
  • Level 3 – AHCCHM304 – Transport, handle and store chemicals
  • The course is assessed at AQF Level 3.

The program length is two days for full accreditation (Cost $320) and half day for re-accreditation (Cost $260). Costs include the ChemCert manual and accreditation card



  • Tuesday and Wednesday 20th and 21st February (to be held at Swan Reach)

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 20th  and 21st March

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 19th and 20th June

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 4th and 5th September

  • Tuesday and Wednesday 4th and 5th December


  • Thursday 22nd March

  • Friday 23rd March

  • Thursday 21st June

  • Friday 22nd June

  • Thursday 6th September

  • Friday 7th  September

    Thursday 6th December

  • Friday 7th December


All above courses are now held at PIRSA Complex , 1801 Bookpurnong Road Loxton (apart Swan Reach course)

We can come to you if sufficient numbers can be guaranteed. Please contact our office.

Accreditation is only issued on satisfactory completion of all assessment items. Each student receives an accreditation card that is individually numbered and is valid for five years. The re-accreditation course required is a half day course. People who are significantly ‘out of date’ need to redo the full course.