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Registered Training Organisation

Specialising in Horticulture and Conservation & Land Management

WorkReady Provider

Subsidies Available

Based in the Riverland

Providing Training Across South Australia
GrowSmart Training, Online Courses

Our Scope of Training

GrowSmart Training is an industry-based Registered Training Organisation (RTO #4967) with a scope including Production Horticulture, Horticulture and Conservation & Ecosystem Management Qualifications. Along with our Certificate and Diploma Courses, we also offer a variety of short training courses such as Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance, Chemical User Accreditation, Movable Elevated Work Platforms and Leadership Training. Here are some of our most popular offerings…

AusChem Chemical
User Training

This course is the industry standard for training in chemical use, storage and handling, essential for many Industry Quality Assurance Programs and for users of Schedule 7 and other Restricted Chemical…

Certificate III
Production Horticulture

This trade qualification equips people with the skills and knowledge needed to work in the production horticulture industry. It contains all the skills to efficiently grow food and fibre crops to wine, dine and cloth…

Certificate III
Conservation &
Ecosystem Management

This is for those people with a strong interest in conservation and ecosystem management. It covers a working knowledge of natural resource management. It covers a…


This accredited training session will provide users with confidence in how to use and maintain a chainsaw safely. The session provides practical skills and for safety reasons, bookings are limited to 6 participants per…

WorkReady Provider

GrowSmart Training is an approved WorkReady provider—a Government of South Australia initiative.

Industry Focused

Delivering training to meet best practice demands of our clients.
GrowSmart Training Courses

GrowSmart Training is a not for profit organisation that is part of the Riverland Horticultural Council Inc. Our governing committee members represent key horticultural industries of our region encompassing value to the national economy exceeding $900 million annually. We’re passionate about providing training that supports the objectives of each industry we deliver to.

For Production Horticulture businesses, our training aims to optimise their investment in human resources and the crops, infrastructure and technology they depend on. The skills we develop in people of our region allows us to produce high quality food and wine products that are sort after both domestically and in export markets around the world.