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Certificate II in Horticulture

Certificate II in Horticulture


A Certificate II in Horticulture is a fantastic way to move towards a new career in horticulture or provide foundational knowledge to new employees.  Work opportunities with this qualification can be found with councils, hardwares, garden centres, nurseries and landscape business.  This qualification includes a range of work functions and job roles that can lead on to a horticultural trade qualification. You will develop skills and knowledge to work as a horticulture worker or assistant.

You will learn about:
  • plant recognition and general plant knowledge;
  • operating and maintaining irrigation systems;
  • planting crops;
  • pruning trees;
  • identifying and treating weeds, pests and plant diseases,
  • properties of soil; and,
  • how to safely operate and maintain machinery such as tractors and chainsaws
Fifteen (15) units make the full course including five (5) core units and ten (10) electives.  More information about units available and packaging requirements can be found here. 

Among other opportunities, this training is currently offered through the VET for School Students program for all Riverland State High Schools.

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Course Details

12 Months
Simon Knowles

Course Units

Follow WHS procedures
Observe environmental work practices
Work effectively in the industry
Participate in workplace communications


Undertake propagation activities
Undertake operational maintenance of machinery
Operate machinery and equipment
Operate tractors

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