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Chainsaw Course

Chainsaw Operation and Maintenance

Gain confidence in how to use and maintain a chainsaw safely.


This accredited training session will provide users with confidence in how to use and maintain a chainsaw safely. The session provides practical skills and for safety reasons, bookings are limited to 6 participants per session. Payment will be arranged with booking confirmation. Participants will need to bring their Unique Student Identifier (USI) or, if they don’t have one, their driver’s licence or Medicare card, which we can use to get the USI for them. Participants need to be wearing long trousers and closed in shoes (preferably steel caps). We do supply steel capped boots for the cutting practical, if participants don’t have their own. All other safety equipment is provided and sanitised before each use in line with GrowSmart Training COVID policy. Chainsaws are supplied for the training, but participants are encouraged to bring a chainsaw along to service and use.

Basic reading comprehension and basic numeracy skills is mandatory to meet Workplace Health and Safety standards is assessed in this training. If you're unsure if your English language and numeracy skills are adequate for this training, please complete this quiz for an initial assessment.

Participants who wear turbans should wear a different type of head covering as a substitute (eg a patka which is a smaller under turban) to upholds the vital operational requirement of wearing hard hats during practical training.

Target Audience:

  • Orchard workers
  • Farm hands
  • Council staff
  • School grounds and maintenance staff
  • Arborists and horticulture workers,
  • Domestic home gardeners 

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Methods:

Program Benefits:

  • Safe machinery operation
  • Gain knowledge of how to operate a chainsaw
  • Learn how to fix and maintain a chainsaw
  • Accreditation with a nationally recognised Unit of Competency