We run Certificate II , III, lV and Diploma level courses in Conservation and Land Management.

The units can be modified to suit the requirements of the client and their employer.

Listed below is a sample set of units for Certificate III


  • Contribute to WHS Processes
  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Electives (required for contracts up to and including 12 months; optional for longer contracts)
  • Perform machinery maintenance
  • Control weeds
  • Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
  • Transport, handle and store chemicals
  • Prepare and apply chemicals
  • Coordinate work site activities
  • Implement revegetation works
  • Survey pest animals
  • Maintain natural areas
  • Collect Seed
  • Operate and maintain chainsaws
  • Undertake sampling and testing of water
  • Operate in isolated and remote situations
  • Implement vertebrate pest control procedures